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The easiest tropicals for indoor winter containers

Bright, indirect light and regular water:

lace fern

Asparagus plumosus

Also called lace fern, climbing asparagus, or ferny asparagus. Despite its common name, the plant is not a true fern. The feathery, rich green foliage has a very soft texture and a light, airy appearance. Great for all kinds of containers, including window boxes, hanging baskets and combination planters. An easy-to-grow plant that tolerates changes in watering frequency and is very low maintenance. Protect from harsh afternoon sun. It is native to Southern Africa.

arrowhead plant

Syngonium podophyllum

Leaves change shape as the plant matures, beginning as an “arrowhead” shape, and then changing into three to five finger-like sections. Require bright, filtered light. Keep away from direct sunlight, as this will cause the arrowhead plant to burn or bleach.

asparagus fern

Asparagus sprengeri

Light, ferny green foliage is the prefect green filler for flowering annuals and thickly textured tropicals. Pretty on its own, also, and makes a great easy care houseplant. Foxtail asparagus fern has the same fine textured foliage of A. sprengeri, but the offshoot branches of main stems stay short giving the plant the look of green tails growing from the ground. Plants can grow 2-3' tall and wide, depending on container size.

mezoo doreanthus

Doreanthus bellidiformis 'Mezoo Trailing Red'

Mounding plant with succulent green leaves edged with white occasionally accented with button-sized red flowers in spring. This succulent is from South Africa’s Cape Provinces. The small, round, daisy-like flowers appear on the stems among the heavy, elliptical, pointed leaves. Bright flowers with many petite petals remain open during cloudy weather unlike other Livingstone daises which close in darkness.

ficus tree

Ficus benjamina

This broadleaf evergreen tree grows to 50’ tall in its native landscape. Widely grown in the tropics as an ornamental tree or hedge, it is extremely popular as an indoor houseplant because of its attractive shape and tolerance of a variety of growing conditions.

Grown in containers, ficus stay in the 2-10’ tall range. Glossy, foliage grows on gracefully arching twigs. Native from India to northern Australia.

Grow Ficus in large pots with organic potting mix. Place pots indoors in bright indirect light, and outdoors in part shade during the warm summer months. Let soil dry out between watering. Ficus trees tolerate drought well.

fiddle-leaf fig

Ficus lyrata

Easily grown indoors in a soil-based potting mix in bright indirect light or part shade with protection from afternoon sun. Water regularly during the growing season but avoid overwatering, and reduce watering from fall to late winter. An African broadleaf evergreen tree that may grow to 60-100’ tall in its native habitat. In colder climates, when grown as a houseplant, typically grows to 2-10’ tall. Strikingly large, lyre-shaped, dark green leaves up to 18” long resembling the shape of a fiddle. Fruit is rarely seen on plants outside of the native habitat.

Indirect light and infrequent water:

jade plant

Crassula ovata

Succulent, shiny, smooth, leaves grow in opposing pairs along thick branches. Leaves are a dark green, and develop a red tinge on the edges of leaves when exposed to more sunlight. Stems remaining succulent and fleshy throughout the plant's life, and under the right conditions, they may produce small white or pink star-like flowers in early spring.

life saver plant, little owl

Huernia zebrina

The five-pointed, yellow-red, star-shaped flowers are bonded with a red lifesaver. Easy to grow in well-drained containers and standard potting mix. Huernia grow under plants in their native range so require bright but indirect light. Can be grown as a hanging specimen.

panda plant

Kalanchoe tomentosa 'Ling Ling'

Fuzzy, gray leaves are edged in maroon with chocolate brown tips. A fantastic stand alone of mixed succulent container plant.

Chinese money plant

Pilea peperomioides

Chinese Money Plant sports flat, round foliage on central upright stems. Very easy to grow indoors, just place the plant where it will receive bright, indirect light and water regularly, allowing the soil to dry between waterings. Plants are easy to grow and produce "pups" or offshoots that can be cut away and propagated as separate plants. Also called pancake plant, UFO plant, friendship plant, or missionary plant, the species was originally discovered in the early 20th century in southern China and then rediscovered in 1945 by Norwegian missionary Agnar Espegren in Yunnan Province when he was fleeing from Hunan Province. Espegren took cuttings back to Norway and from there it was spread throughout Scandinavia and since beyond!

shefflera, umbrella tree

Schefflera Amate

An ideal environment for sheffleras included warm temperatures, and even moisture, and bright, indirect light — which makes them the perfect plant for indoor growing. An easy, fast growing plant that really makes a statement with glossy, rich green leaves and impressive size.  

spider plant, airplane plant

Chlorophytum comosum

One of the easiest houseplants to grow, this tropical thrives in a wide range of conditions and suffers from few problems. The spider plant is named for of its little spider-like plantlets, which drop down from the mother plant like spiders on a web. A great stand alone, but also wonderful in mixed containers.

Any light, almost no winter water:

painted echeveria

Echeveria benitsukasa

Great contrasting variegation with rosettes of green painted with red on margins and mid leaf. Hummingbirds are drawn to coral-pink and yellow flowers in summer. This low growing spreader thrives in dry, sandy soil, preferring partial shade.

firesticks pencil plant

Euphorbia tirucalli 'Firesticks'

This striking succulent is an ideal specimen plant for containers. Multiple fire-red stems resemble small pencils or sticks. Red stems show shades of pink, orange or yellow and the color is more vivid during the cooler months and when grown in bright sun. Can grow to 8' tall, but is also easily kept to a smaller size through regular pruning.

golden pothos

Epipremnum aureum 'Aureum'

These plants grow in a wide range of environments, in bright indirect light as well as low light and with most watering conditions. A great addition to home or office because they're so easy to keep alive and they clean the air. Evergreen vine to 13', trailing or climbing. Native to French Polynesia.

star window plant

Haworthia venosa subsp. tessellata

Unique markings on the tops of succulent low-growing rosettes. Slow-growing, but will multiply!


Kalanchoe thyrsiflora 'Flapjacks'

Also called paddle plant, dog tongue or desert cabbage, this showy white-frosted succulent is native to South Africa, primarily in dry, exposed, rocky areas. Each plant features a basal rosette of large, fleshy, leaves stacked like pancakes with leaf edges extended upward in order to minimize sun exposure to the leaf surfaces. With sufficient sun exposure the leaf margins turn a showy red.

mother-in-law’s tongue, snake plant

Sansevieria trifasciata

Upright leaves grow up 4 feet tall.  Among the toughest of all houseplants, they can withstand virtually any conditions, from dark to bright. The only way to surely kill them is to overwater or never water at all. There are many different color and height variegations. 'Black Coral' is an especially dark green cultivar with light banding. 'Laurentii' grows with edges banded in gold. 'Bantel's Sensation' is an especially gorgeous cultivar with a narrower leaf and beautiful white overlay commonly called white snake plant and discovered by Gustav Bantel of St. Louis, Missouri in 1948. 'Ocean Star' and 'Hahni' are birds nest style cultivars that stay under 12" tall. Native to tropical West Africa from Nigeria east to the Congo.

Philodendron ‘Hope’

Philodendron bipinnatifidum 'Hope'

This Philodendron doesn't climb like some varieties, and is a smaller hybrid of the big Selloum philodendron with layered, ruffled greenery of large, deeply-divided leaves with wavy edges. Large foliage is striking year round! A South American native.