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Why Mulch?

Surface insulation

•to conserve moisture
• to moderate extremes in temperature
• to control weeds

Soil amendment

• to improve soil aggregation and granulation
• to increase water absorption and retention
• to prevent soil compaction and improve aeration


• to make surface areas more attractive
• to make surface areas more usable for paths, play and sitting areas
• to make areas easier to maintain


How does bulk quantity compare to bagged?

1 scoop of bulk mulch, topsoil, or compost is roughly equal to six and a half 2 cubic foot bags of mulch.

Do I have to call ahead to buy bulk products?

Vinland Valley Nursery always has staff to load bulk products during normal hours of operation.

How much mulch will fit in my truck?

Vinland Valley Nursery will load open bed trucks with bulk mulch using our John Deere tractor. Trucks with six-foot beds can take 2 scoops. Trucks with an eight-foot bed can take 4 scoops. Beds with sidewalls over 8′ tall cannot be loaded (the bucket won’t reach!)

How much is one scoop of mulch?

One scoop is approximately equivalent to one-half of one cubic yard. Use the calculator to estimate the amount you need for your area.

What if I want my mulch delivered?

Call or come in and we’ll put you on the schedule! Our dump truck will carry up to 20 scoops of mulch, and delivery ranges from $30 within 5 miles of the nursery to $50 within 20 miles. 21-40 miles is $100. There is no minimum! Click here to map your mileage.

Can you install it for me?

Yes, we can make fast work of it! Installation price varies by job, so call for an estimate.

Types of mulch

Many types of material, organic and inorganic, may be used as mulch. Organic mulches may break down in one season or less or persist for more than one season. The first type is used mainly in vegetable and flower gardens or around newly planted trees and shrubs. They are usually decomposed enough by the end of the growing season that they can be spaded or plowed under, increasing the organic matter content of the soil and thereby improving soil structure. Vinland Valley Nursery recommends the double-ground hardwood mulch for this purpose.

Organic mulches that persist for more than one growing season are more useful around permanent plants. Vinland Valley Nursery recommends the single ground hardwood mulch for this use.

Inorganic mulches may be gravel, crushed stone or some manufactured product. Most of these materials are not as beneficial to plants as the organic mulches because they don’t improve the structure or nutrient content of the soil, and can also create hot spots that literally cook plants during hot weather. Rock mulch is best used where plant material is limited or not used. Spun-bonded or woven landscape fabrics (geo-textiles) should be installed under gravel mulches to prevent weeds and allow for easier removal when needed. Vinland Valley Nursery does not recommend landscape fabrics for use in plant beds.

Living mulches include low-growing ground cover plants that provide many of the same benefits as mulch and soft landings for wildlife. Soft landings are plantings under trees that allow leaf litter to improve soil structure and create undisturbed places for insects to hide, hibernate and successfully develop lifecycle transitions. They support beneficial insects such as moths, butterflies, bumblebees, beetles, and fireflies. They shade the soil surface, keeping it cool in summer and at the same time preventing evaporation. Vinland Valley Nursery can recommend good plants for your specific site (click here for a list).

Double-ground hardwood mulch

PRICE: $20/scoop (approx. 1/2 yard)

Double-ground hardwood mulch has bark added. Chunks are smaller, and the overall appearance of the mulch is darker. This mulch will break down faster than the single ground and is a good choice for areas where you’re trying to build soil quality.



Single-ground mulch

PRICE: $20/scoop (approx. 1/2 yard)

Single-ground mulch is primarily oak with a mix of various other hardwoods. Chunks are larger, and the appearance is a light brown which ages to gray over time.



Natural cedar mulch

PRICE: $30/scoop (approx. 1/2 yard)

Cedar mulch is aromatic. Like a cedar closet protects sweaters from moths, cedar mulch can repel insects from the garden. Keep in mind the repellent qualities of cedar also make it the wrong choice for pollinator and butterfly gardens, and any garden where you wish to invite beneficial insects (i.e. vegetable gardens where pollinators are essential for fruit production).


More about mulch …

Mulches provide many benefits to plants. Benefits vary with the material used, the type of soil, the kind of plant and the cultural practices used. Mulches also may be used to make landscapes more attractive and usable and to reduce the amount of maintenance work.

Compost and Topsoil

Nature Wise Compost

PRICE: $32/scoop

Nature Wise Compost is produced under stringent quality controls and regularly monitored for temperature and maturity. Made from organic feed stocks like grass clippings picked up curbside, municipal yard waste drop-off, food waste, and tree trimmings, these compostable feed stocks are a perfect mix of browns and greens and diverse materials to make ideal compost products. This alternative waste management strategy helps divert waste from landfills. The material is tested quarterly for third-party verification and certification that Nature Wise Compost contains no pesticides, herbicides, or harmful pathogens. Nature Wise Compost also carries the Seal of Testing Assurance from the US Composting Council. Nature Wise Compost is safe for humans and pets, and contains no chemical additives. When creating new raised beds or filling, we recommend using half topsoil and half compost. We can load compost in your truck, or deliver it. The same amounts apply as for topsoil.

Top-quality pulverized topsoil

PRICE: $40/scoop 

Vinland Valley Nursery offers top-quality pulverized topsoil in bulk. We can load it in your truck or deliver up to 8 scoops at a time in our dump truck. Topsoil is very heavy! Small pick-ups can hold one scoop, while most 1 ton pick-ups can hold two.

In addition to bulk soil improvements and mulches, we also offer bagged products:

• cedar mulch
• cotton bur compost
• organic potting mix
• organic soil amendment and fertilizers