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Make a Moss Pole Tropical Planter

Moss poles give Philodendrons, Monsteras and other vining tropicals an attractive structure to grow on. Make your own custom moss pole to suit your space*. Here’s how—


sphagnum moss
stick or other support cut to the desired height
twist ties
potting mix


Place sphagnum moss in a bucket of water to soak. Roll out burlap and cut with 5-6″ of extra at top of the stick support. The bottom of the stick can be left uncovered — it’ll be buried in the potting mix.

Spread the soaked moss on the burlap and place the stick support on top, then fold and roll the burlap with moss and stick support enclosed like a burrito.


Wrap the entire length of the poll with string to hold the moss and burlap tight to the support.


Select a plant! Philodendrons and Monsteras make wonderful moss pole subjects.


Select a pot that is large enough for your plant to grow as it climbs the moss pole. Place pole and plant in pot and add potting mix. Use twist ties to secure the plant to the pole. Care for your potted plant as you would any other tropical in your collection, per the plant’s particular light, water and fertilizing needs.


If you prefer, *you can always pick up a pre-made moss pole tropical planter from the hothouse!

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