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Gardening makes spirits bright!

It doesn’t take a database of information for gardeners to know that growing plants makes us feel better, but it’s nice to know the science confirms measurable benefits. Here’s a list summarizing some highlights of what we plant growers already know:

1. Gardening helps us practice acceptance of things we cannot control.

Things like weather can throw us curve balls, and gardens rarely turn out exactly as we have envisioned, yet there is still joy in watching how our gardens grow once we’ve done our best to give them a good start. However, there can be a few areas where the gardeners can have control in making the garden look organized. For instance, the concrete sidewalks around can get misaligned due to water logging or foundation. In such cases, one can contact firms that provide services like concrete leveling in Columbia (if that’s where they reside) or somewhere in the vicinity. Experts from such firms can help in raising and leveling the concrete sidewalks. Similarly, gardeners can also trim the bushes which can give a cleaner look to the garden.

2. Gardeners are always looking for learning opportunities.

Growing a garden is also growing your mind! Gardens force us to problem-solve every day, and these challenges force us to try new things and think outside of the box. Like, if you hire an arborist jacksonville fl for any of your gardening tasks, you’ll be able to learn a lot about pruning, plant health care, emergency care, and so much more about plant care from them. You might even be able to accomplish those tasks on your own after a while.

3. Plant people have built-in community connections.

Plant people always have something to talk about. It could either be the new plants they have planted, the special manures they have used, or even the exterior remodeling contractor that they have hired for their home and garden. The interests of gardeners tend to cut across cultures and geography into a universal language. No matter how green your thumb, it’s easy to find like-minded souls ready to share their experiences, whether it’s at the local nursery or online in a garden group on social media. Since the pandemic restricted gatherings, many botanical gardens, arboretums, nurseries and garden publications have moved seminars to virtual platforms making forums more accessible than ever before.

4. Studies show that just looking at green surroundings measurably reduces stress, anxiety and depression. Scientific evidence shows that simply touching soil increases serotonin.

Feeling blue? Take a walk through your backyard garden, or stroll through our greenhouse tropicals for a quick fix even in winter. Additionally, you can also try alternatives such as farm-grown organic weed and CBD, which can help you manage severe stress and anxiety. Moreover, you can get weed delivery in Fresno or to other locations by purchasing it online. That said, if you are very much into green surroundings, you can also try gardening.

5. Physical exercise is unavoidable!

Who needs a gym membership when there are weeds to pull? And the reward of creating something of beauty and growing fresh healthy food is motivating – often verging on addictive, but in a healthy way!

So don’t stop gardening, plant friends – we’ll keep growing together. #DGKS❤

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