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We can’t fix the potholes, but we can get your spring mulch in tip top shape.

Mulch isn’t just good-looking — it’s functional. Aside from soil preparation when planting, mulching is the single most important thing you can do for your garden. Spring mulch makes your summer gardening so much easier because it:

  • suppresses weeds
  • holds in moisture that would otherwise be lost to evaporation
  • regulates soil temperature
  • improves soil structure, which leads to better drainage and use of nutrients

In spring, the soil is still weed-free, herbaceous plants are just beginning to pop up, and the soil is starting to warm up a little, making it an ideal time for spreading fresh mulch. And if you’ve left dried perennials and grasses for winter interest and wildlife, you can remove that debris and take stock of what plants you might want to add this year while you’re at it.

Two to three inches of hardwood mulch is ideal for garden beds. Keep it loose to allow newly emerging plants to find their way through.

We offer two grades of clean, high-quality hardwood mulch. We load by the tractor bucket into your truck bed or trailer at the nursery any time during regular business hours.

Too busy to do it yourself? Let us do the heavy lifting. We can bring the mulch to you and drop it in a convenient location for you to move later or install it for you.

Our mulch and delivery prices are the lowest in the area.

We offer delivery and installation — call today 785.594.2966 to get on our schedule!