1606 N 600 Rd, Baldwin City, 66006

Urban Wildlife Landscape Recipe: Plants with Purpose



The 7509 Penn Duplex is the result of a new collaboration between Botwin Commercial Development, el dorado architects, the Design+Make Studio at Kansas State University’s School of Architecture, and Studio Build.

The collaboration’s goal is to provide excellent affordable housing. It has quality design and materials in a modest footprint while still featuring amenities any new tenant would expect. Each unit is two bedrooms, one bath within 735 square feet of living space.


Doug has worked as consultant with K-State students to help them plan an amazing landscape design for their project. In addition to considering maintenance and site conditions, this tiny footprint amid bustling traffic in a dense urban neighborhood is packed with plants to maximize environmental impact. All alone it can’t do much, but together with the surrounding community where a nearby commercial building includes a green roof, the Waldo neighborhood can become another island of survival for many species!

“I’m not trying to recreate the ancient ecosystem. That is gone. I’m trying to create biodiversity.”

— Doug Tallamy, chairman of the department of entomology and wildlife ecology, University of Delaware


“When you realize that we’ve wiped out 50% of the Earth’s wildlife in the last 40 years, it doesn’t take complicated math to figure out that, if we keep cutting by half every 40 years, pretty soon there’s going to be nothing left.”

— Anthony Barnosky, executive director of the Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve at Stanford University


Many of the species used in this plan are selections of native plants grown from cuttings to preserve characteristics more conducive to small spaces, including dwarf bee balm, coneflower and black-eyed susan cultivars. They offer the same value for wildlife with all the ornamental benefits humans hold dear.