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Keep Containers Looking Their Best

• Water

With few exceptions (begonias, periwinkle, geraniums, and purslane), you should keep your planters evenly moist. This may include daily watering. Pots in the sun will need more water than pots in the shade. Containers must have a drain hole in the bottom to allow excess water to escape.

• Rotate
Plants typically receive more light on one side. Turn the planter from time to time to avoid lopsided growth.

• Fertilize
Feed containers regularly, at least every two weeks. We recommend organic Espoma granulated or Daniel’s liquid fertilizers because they will not burn plants. Fertilizing is essential since potting mix nutrients are flushed through the soil when plants are watered.

• Deadhead
Remove dead blossoms to keep the plant growing and fresh. Left to produce seed, plants will put all of their energy into seed production rather than fresh flower buds and foliage.

• Prune
Some plants can become leggy or too large over time. You can cut back thinning branches and stems using sharp scissors or pruners, removing stems just above a leaf node. This promotes new growth and produces a more dense, healthy looking plant.

Great Plants Grown Greenly!

We grow annuals, herbs, tropicals and vegetable plants in our heated greenhouse all winter to have beautiful plants ready for you each spring. It’s an unnatural environment, and we go to great lengths to make it a healthy and sustainable one.

• We use organic potting mix to keep harmful chemicals like formaldehyde out of the air, out of gardeners’ soil and ultimately the plants themselves. It’s healthier for the people planting the plants, and makes a healthier herb or veggie for eating.

• We use biological and organic controls to keep insect pests out of the greenhouse in a safe way. There are no harmful chemical residues on our plants or in the soil. We have happy hummingbirds, bees, praying mantises, ladybugs and butterflies throughout the greenhouses, and our farm has a healthy ecosystem.