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Poison Ivy Soap

Garden Shop

How To Use Poison Ivy Soap: After exposure to Poison Ivy, Oak or Sumac wash your entire body with Poison Ivy Soap.  Do not use any other soap or body wash. Rinse well with water. Do not prewash; use after exposure.  

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Hand made macramé hangers

Garden Shop

Handcrafted sisal macramé hangers hold an assortment of pot sizes, and include free-hanging, wall-mounted, and double pot holders. Old school.

Bentley Seed Packs

Garden Shop

We offer vegetable, herb and flower seed packs from Bentley Seed Company, a privately held, family-owned company located in upstate New York offering high quality, non-GMO, heirloom, open-pollinated, fresh crop seed that ranks above federal germination standards. Bentley Seed Co. has taken the Council for Responsible Genetics' Safe Seed Pledge to preserve the integrity of the world's seed supply. The Council for Responsible Genetics was founded in 1983, and is comprised of scientists, lawyers, public health advocates and citizens concerned about the social, ethical and environmental impact of new genetic technologies.