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Poison Ivy Soap & Jewelwitch Spray

Marshall, Arkansas

How To Use Poison Ivy Soap:

After exposure to Poison Ivy, Oak or Sumac wash your entire body with Poison Ivy Soap.  Do not use any other soap or body wash.
Rinse well with water.
Do not prewash; use after exposure.

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NEW! Jewelwitch Spray

Instant relief for itchy insect bites, chiggers, and poison ivy.

If You Have the Rash:
Follow the same instructions as above.

The invisible oil from the poison plants, Urushiol, can stick to almost any surface.

How Does Poison Ivy Soap Work?
This pure soap is made with animal oil, spring water and the herb Jewelweed.
Most commercial soaps are made with plant oils.
Plant oils will not remove other plant oils.

When Can Poison Ivy Soap Be Used?
Any time after exposure, or after the rash starts.

Who Can Use Poison Ivy Soap?
Anyone can use the soap, including children, expectant mothers, diabetics, the elderly, and people who are HIV positive.

 How Safe is Poison Ivy Soap?
Made with all natural ingredients, our soap needs no warning labels.

As with any soap, do not eat the soap, and keep away from eyes.