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zonal geranium | rare foliage or flower forms

Pelagonium x hortorum

‘Fireworks’ white or pink feature star-shaped blooms open on upright plants growing up to 20″ tall. A striking contrast in texture, especially for patio containers. Elegant.

‘Occold Shield’ is an exotic geranium with bright chartreuse-green foliage overlaid with a reddish-brown shield. Flowers open to brilliant red-orange. These upright zonals grow 12-15″ tall, and make great container companions for a multitude of annuals and tropicals. Very striking.

‘Wilhelm Langguth’ is a brilliant geranium with bright red blooms over striking green and white variegated foliage.

‘Mrs. Pollock’ is an orange flowering zonal with a four color variegation of green and yellow overlaid with a deep purple-black that bleeds to burgundy-red. Very beautiful!

‘Vancouver Centennial’ foliage is edged in striking chartreuse with rust -red overlay and grows in a trailing habit. Bright red-orange bloom clusters provide color all season.

NEW for 2018! ‘Glitter Orange’ is exceptional in containers,with unique speckled flowers and vigorous performance!