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trillium, triflower

Trillium grandiflorum/Trillium erectum

Trillium grandiflorum sports exquisite white blooms up to 5” across in mid-spring that fade to pretty pale pink. Also called white wakerobin and large-flowered trillium, this woodland wildflower will spread slowly by seed and underground roots into drifts of white that blanket the understory. NATIVE TO THE EASTERN U.S.

Trillium erectum produces striking wine-red blooms in spring. Red trillium, also called red wakerobin, stinking Benjamin, wet dog trillium, wet dog wakerobin, has foul-smelling blooms that attract carrion flies to pollinate. Early herbalists used this stinky plant to treat gangrene according to the ancient Doctrine of Signatures, when plants were used to cure the ailments they resembled. NATIVE TO THE EASTERN U.S.