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‘Lilafee’ barrenwort, bishop’s hat

Epimedium grandiflora ‘Lilafee’

Dense, clump-forming, deciduous perennial that grows 10-15” tall with a spread to 18-20″. Native to woodland areas of Japan, Korea and Manchuria, the pale rose to violet sepals and white petals bloom in above the foliage in spring. These delicate looking woodland perennials are actually pretty tough!

‘Lilafee’ produces racemes of long-spurred, lavender-violet flowers in spring well above the foliage. Compound, medium green leaves with spiny-toothed, oval leaflets (to 3″ long) on wiry stems form attractive foliage mounds. New leaves in spring emerge beige with a red tinge, mature to green and turn red in fall. ‘Lilafee’ is sometimes called ‘Lilac Fairy’.