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‘Game Changer Picotee’ hydrangea

Hydrangea spp Hyp.

Game Changer Picotee has been developed to bloom earlier and longer than most. Lacecap blossoms of stunning pink are made up of thousands of tiny flowers surrounded by large pale pink petals edged in darker pink. Easier to grow than macrophylas with reliable bloom, these new compact hydrangeas are a welcome addition for garden beds and containers.

Many hydrangeas begin producing buds in summer when the day length is sufficient. ‘Game Changer’ hydrangeas are daylight neutral, so they start blooming in spring and continue through fall. In addition, Game Changer Hydrangeas bloom on new wood guaranteeing you blossoms spring through fall. An interspecific cross of three species.

Trimming older flowers promotes increased flowering through the season. Their ability to bloom quickly in the spring keeps the plant from growing too large, eliminating the need for further pruning. In the fall they can be cut back to the ground or shaped.

Add compost or other organic matter to the soil when planting and use Espoma Bio-tone Starter to get plants off to a healthy start. Keep well watered when establishing plants.