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Caladium bicolor

Large arrow or heart-shaped foliage, with colorful veins in a wide variety of striking combinations. … Continued


Asparagus officinalis

‘Purple Passion’ produces purple spears with a mild, nutty flavor and are reputedly sweeter than … Continued

Hungarian Wax Pepper

Capsicum Annuum

As its name suggests, this heirloom pepper originated in Hungary. Easily confused with the similar-looking … Continued

Indian pink

Spigelia marilandica

A long flowering woodland perennial with unique flowers that attract pollinators — especially hummingbirds. This … Continued

heartleaf Alexander

Zizia aptera

A larval host for black swallowtails and an exceptional early-season nectar source for countless species … Continued


Antirrhinum majus

These heirloom garden flowers flourish in cool spring growing conditions and can be kept going … Continued