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Hungarian Wax Pepper

Capsicum Annuum

Notable Traits:
Zone 9 – 11
Mature Height:

As its name suggests, this heirloom pepper originated in Hungary. Easily confused with the similar-looking banana pepper but much hotter — comparable to a jalapéno. The skin of these peppers is waxy and even crunchy, but completely edible. They have a thick flesh.

Harvest before maturity while fruit is still yellow, and about 8 inches long and 2 inches thick. Left to mature fully, these peppers grow larger and turn red, and their heat level increases considerably. The sweet, hot flavor of these peppers works well in mole sauces and other traditional Latin dishes, soups and salads. Add a bit of a crunch to salads or other meals, and toss some on the grill to roast. A great pepper for stuffing, roasting, topping pizza and a myriad of Hungarian recipes.

5,000 to 15,000 Scovilles