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Ocimum basilicum

Notable Traits:
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Zone 9 – 11
Mature Height:
Bloom Color:
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Bloom Time:
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Ararat The best tasting purple basil. This heirloom has purplish-gray, mottled foliage, wonderful aroma and a sweet-spicy taste. Grows to 18” high.

Cinnamon A hardier Mexican sweet basil cultivar with a spicy cinnamon aroma. Beautiful in flower bouquets.

Dark Opal Excellent for seasoning, and for basil vinegar, which turns a beautiful red color. All-American award winner.

New for 2023!
is productive, compact, and slow bolting with resistance to Fusarium. 2-3″ long, glossy, cupped leaves have a classic Genovese basil aroma and flavor but very compact, plants produce a high yield of leaves. Slower to flower than other varieties by up to 8 weeks!

Genovese Popular Italian pesto basil with a heady, spicy fragrance and taste. High-yielding and slow to bolt, with large, dark green leaves about 2-3″ long. Ht. 24-30.” Annual.

Greek Column Martha Stewart recommends this sweet basil because it does not bloom or bolt. Keeps easily in a pot for winter. You will love this basil! Try Variegated Greek Column basil for added ornamental value.

Lemon The most lemony of all the lemon basils. Heirloom variety, grown for 60 years in southeastern New mexico. Medium-sized bright green leaves and white flower bracts. Annual.

Italian large leaf A sweeter pesto type. Large, medium-dark green leaves. Scent and taste are sweeter, less clove-like than Genovese. Big, high-yielding plant with 4″ leaves.

Lime The flavor of basil and lime combined into one! Try it in vinegar, with fish, salad dressings, sauces, and oils. Desserts are a perfect addition for lime basil. Can be grown inside in the winter and makes a great container herb.

Spicy Bush Cute, tiny, dome-shaped plants with miniature basil leaves. Slightly hot, spicy, sweet basil scent-a little goes a long way! Also known as Greek basil. Decorative plants can be inter-planted with flowers or grown in pots. Annual.

Thai Authentic Thai basil flavor-spicy anise-clove. A flavorful garnish for sweet dishes.

Aromatic foliage repels aphids and tomato hornworms — so plant basil around your tomato plants!