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garlic chives

Allium tuberosum

White flowers self-seed and make an easy low maintenance filler winding through perennial borders. Dried blooms and seeds provide winter interest.

Garlic chives are also called Chinese leeks and are a staple in Asian cuisine. The flavor of garlic chives is more like garlic than chives but much milder. Leaves and stalks of flowers are used as a flavoring similar to chives, green onions, or garlic and are used as a stir fry ingredient. Used in China to make dumplings with a combination of egg, shrimp, and pork. Flowers may also be used as a spice. In Vietnam, leaves of garlic chives are cut into short pieces and used as the only vegetable in a soup dish consisting of broth and sliced pork kidneys. A Chinese flatbread similar to the green onion pancake may be made with garlic chives instead of scallions; such a pancake is called a jiucai bing or jiucai you bing.