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Thymus species

Thyme Creeping Red (Thymus praecox ‘Coccineus’) Aromatic and pretty ground cover can withstand light foot traffic and gives off pleasant aroma when walked upon. Rosy red flowers. Plants grow 1-3″ tall.

Thyme ‘Elizabeth’ (Thymus ‘Elizabeth’) Glossy green foliage covered in early summer with pink flowers. Used in culinary seasoning. Grows 8-10″ tall.

Thyme Lime (Thymus citriodorus) Scented leaves hint of lime. Low creeping habit. Excellent ground cover. Lime-green colored leaves.

Thyme Miniature Creeping (Thymus minus) Slow-growing, compact and flat to the ground, with tiny leaves and pink flowers that give the finest texture on the lowest growing thyme. Fantastic underplanting in herb gardens, ornamental perennial beds and green roof plantings.

Thyme Silver (Thymus vulgare ‘Argenteus’) Lovely in mixed containers, this is a taller upright that grows 8-12″ high. Pink-tinged in cool weather. Milder than other thymes in flavor and makes a pretty and unusual garnish.

Thyme French Cooking (Thymus vulgare ‘Argenteus’) A superb culinary thyme, also known as Summer Thyme. Spicier than German Winter Thyme, but less hardy. Grow in in a pot to bring inside during winter. Upright habit, growing up to 12″ tall.

Thyme Variegated Lemon (Thymus citriodora) Lemon-scented, upright and bushy. Flavors fish, poultry stuffings, and vegetables.

Thyme Wooly (Thymus pseudolanuginosus) Fuzzy gray-green leaves are tiny and hug the ground. Nice contrast in sunny containers, we particularly love it in concrete urns with red phormium and variegated Algerian ivy. Must be planted in a dry location and never over-watered!

Excellent drought and heat tolerance with great ornamental value. We’ve used all of the varieties below with great success in our green roof. Wonderful plants for garden paths between stepping stones and green roof plantings. Will not tolerate poorly drained soil or shade.

Try a bit of thyme on scrambled eggs or mixed in cream cheese. The best culinary thyme’s are ‘Wedgewood’, German, Lime and Orange.