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red banana tree

Ensete maurelii

Notable Traits:
Zone 9 – 11
Mature Height:

This fast-grower creates a tropical splash fast in the ground, or as a container patio and winter houseplant.

In cold climates plants will need to be overwintered. Options for overwintering include:

(1) Bring container plant indoors in fall before first frost and place container in a large sunny room for overwintering as a houseplant, with reduced water and fertilization;

(2) If container plant is too large to bring inside as a houseplant, cut foliage back to 6-8″ in fall after first frost, and store container in a cool, dark, frost-free corner of the basement until spring, with periodic addition of a touch of moisture as needed in winter to prevent the soils from totally drying out;

(3) If container plant is too heavy or too large to bring inside, remove plant from container in fall before first frost, wrap roots in plastic and store in a cool, dark, frost-free corner of the basement until spring (foliage may be trimmed back or left on the plant and allowed to brown up in the normal course);

(4) If growing plants directly in the ground, dig, wrap roots, trim back the leaves and store as in option #3 above.