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Swiss cheese plant, Adanson’s monstera

Monstera adonsonii

Notable Traits:
Zone 9 – 11
Mature Height:

Oval-shaped holes give this plant its common name, Swiss cheese plant. With glossy, green leaves and long vining habit this tropical is very easy to grow. Native to Central and South America, parts of southern Mexico, and the West Indies, Monstera adansonii is part of the Araceae plant family. These jungle plants are a much smaller version of their cousin, Monstera deliciosa. These plants are climbers producing aerial roots that can grasp onto tree bark or moss poles, but they also make a beautiful cascading hanging plants. Swiss cheese vine is notoriously quick and easy to grow, no matter which way you do it.

In spring, plants can develop a cream-colored bloom, although they don’t always appear for home growers.