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tropical pitcher plant

Nepenthes alata

One of the hardiest, most forgiving species and a great beginner carnivorous plant! The pitchers are filled with secretions that attract, and will also digest, insects that land on the slippery little covers and fall into the pitchers. Make sure the pitchers always have a little fluid in the bottom. If the plant is moved so the natural secretions drain out, fill each pitcher with about 1” of distilled water. Grow in partial sun to bright shade with good humidity and air ventilation. They require constant moisture, distilled water, and low fertility (do not fertilize!). Protect plants from temperatures below 50°F.

This tropical pitcher plant is a scrambler, often found tangled in bushes and tree branches in its native range. The pitchers grow off the tips of the leaves  and range from yellow-green, to red, to speckled, orange, purple, and a variety of configurations in-between. Lower pitchers grow 7-9″ tall, and produce abundant simultaneous pitcher development so you might have a dozen healthy pitchers on one plant at a time.

A fun and unusual tropical to grow.