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wishbone flower

Torenia fournieri

‘Clown’ and ‘Kauai’ mixes are showy little beauties that look great all season. Plants never get leggy and fill around others without crowding them out. This color mix includes the deepest dark blue, purple and lavender bicolor, soft pink and white, clear white and magenta. Plants grow 10-12″ tall and wide. Excellent shade or part shade flowers that don’t ask for much and just keep giving!

The Summer Wave series are a trailing group perfect for hanging baskets and other containers. ‘Summer Wave Blue’ sports showy, large bicolor blooms of dark and light blue bloom all summer on these easy to grow trailers. Great for hanging baskets and containers, but also wonderful in beds where they ramble and curl around other plants. Plants grow to about 6″ high, but trail up to 2′. ‘Summer Wave Gold’ is covered with dark golden yellow blooms with a dark purple throat and make excellent companions to Purple Heart. ‘Summer Wave Bouquet Deep Rose’  has large blooms of white and rose-pink with a blush of yellow in the throat.

‘Magenta Moon’ is covered with unusual bicolor blooms of dark magenta and yellow orange make great container and hanging basket companions for ‘Fiesta Ole’ Peach Sorbet Double Impatiens and ‘Super Elfin’ Bright Orange Impatiens — throw in some ‘Red Sensation’ Cordyline to make it pop!