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Taxus x media

Notable Traits:
Zone 4 – 7
Mature Height:

‘Densiformis’ (dense spreading) Semi-dwarf, dense, spreading, evergreen shrub which typically grows in a mound to 3-4’ tall but spreads to 5-7’ wide. Yews are classified as conifers, but female plants produce red, fleshy, single-seeded fruit instead of cones. ‘Densiformis’ is a female cultivar. Lustrous, dark green, thin-needled foliage. The popular Taxus x media hybrid cultivars are crosses between Japanese yews (Taxus cuspidata) and English yews (Taxus baccata). Tolerates a wide range of soils as long as drainage is good. Also tolerant of full shade and considerable pruning. Prune or shear as desired in early spring before new growth appears.

‘Hick’s’ (upright) Dense, narrowly columnar, evergreen shrub matures to a height of 10-12’ with a spread of 3-4’ wide after 20 years. More often seen as a 9-12’ tall plant. ‘Hicksii’ is available in both male and female types. Two-ranked foliage is lustrous, dark green above and lighter green below.