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Serenade Garden

A broad spectrum biofungicide, Serenade Garden contains a patented strain of Bacillus subtilis. Provides protection against many of the most common fungal and bacterial garden diseases (see label). Now you can grow beautiful disease-free fruits, vegetables and flowers – without chemicals that can be harmful to people or the environment. It is so safe you can confidently harvest and eat fruits and vegetables the very same day they are treated. Will NOT harm bees or beneficial insects. OMRI Listed for use in organic production.

• Broad spectrum disease control (fungal & bacterial)
• Approved for organic gardening
• Safe to use — treat and pick crops the same day!
• Non-toxic to birds, bees, beneficial insects, fish and wildlife
• No weather or timing restrictions for application

Available in a 32 oz ready to use spray bottle and a 32 oz concentrate.

For best results, treat prior to disease development or at the first sign of disease infection. Repeat at 7-day intervals or as needed. Under conditions of high disease pressure, shorten the spray interval or, for ornamental plants, use the higher rate. Mix 1-4 oz. per gallon of water (15 oz. of spray solution treats 100 square feet).