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Nature Wise bulk compost

Nature Wise Compost is produced under stringent quality controls and regularly monitored for temperature and maturity. Made from organic feed stocks like grass clippings picked up curbside, municipal yard waste drop-off, food waste, and tree trimmings, these compostable feed stocks are a perfect mix of browns and greens and diverse materials to make ideal compost products. This alternative waste management strategy helps divert waste from landfills. The material is tested quarterly for third-party verification and certification that Nature Wise Compost contains no pesticides, herbicides, or harmful pathogens. Nature Wise Compost also carries the Seal of Testing Assurance from the US Composting Council. Nature Wise Compost is safe for humans and pets, and contains no chemical additives. When creating new raised beds or filling, we recommend using half topsoil and half compost. We can load compost in your truck, or deliver it. The same amounts apply as for topsoil.

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