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sweet alyssum

Lobularia maritima

Tiny fragrant white, pink, and lavender flowers open in clusters on this low-growing annual that is quite cold tolerant. An excellent edger in the bed or container, it’s fine texture compliments large-leaf plants nicely.

More than just ornamental, sweet alyssum is an excellent veggie garden companion plant to lure cabbage worms away from cabbage and broccoli plants. Alyssum also attracts beneficial insects that devour pests like aphids. A must-have plant for beautiful containers, and a workhorse in the vegetable garden.

Sweet alyssum is an excellent plant for creating predatory insect habitat in the garden. It attracts hoverflies, aphid midges and parasitic mini-wasps. This fast-growing, beneficial-attracting, weed-smothering groundcover is best used for planting amongst vegetable plants in edible beds. Numerous studies have confirmed that sweet alyssum is highly attractive to aphid-eating hoverflies.

Sweet alyssum is a larval host plant for the Cabbage White and Checkered White butterflies. It serves as a trap crop, luring pests like cabbage moths away from your veggies, so plant it near broccoli and cabbage.