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‘Pumpkin Spice’ foamy bells

X Heucherella 'Pumpkin Spice'

Bronze red leaves emerge in late spring and hold their color well into early summer. Each 4” leaf has deep mahogany centers that follow the leaf veins. Dark red stems hold cream flowers that appear in early summer. For best foliage color and performance, plant in an area with filtered sun or afternoon shade.

‘Pumpkin Spice’ is a Heuchera villosa hybrid which means that it is naturally more heat and humidity tolerant and also has greater vigor than Heucherellas without such parentage. It forms a very dense mound of foliage that is evergreen in most climates. Heucherella is a hybrid genus produced from a cross between Heuchera and Tiarella. From Heuchera they gain the many different foliage colors and textures, while Tiarella add deeper leaf lobes and serration, as well as their signature central leaf blotching. Heucherella are sterile hybrids, and so typically have longer bloom seasons than either of their parents.