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witch hazel

Hamamelis virginiana/x intermedia

Fall-blooming, deciduous shrub or small tree native to woodlands, forest margins and stream banks in eastern North America. It typically grows 15-20’ tall with a similar spread in cultivation, but can reach 30’ tall in its native habitat. Clusters of fragrant bright yellow flowers open along the stems, each with four crinkly, ribbon-shaped petals from October to December usually after leaf drop. Fertilized flowers will form fruit over a long period extending through winter and into the following growing season. NATIVE TO OKLAHOMA, TEXAS, AND THE EASTERN UNITED STATES.

x intermedia ‘Arnold’s Promise’ Flowers with wavy clear yellow petals and red cups appear on the bare branches in blazing color in late winter. The open, spreading habit and yellow and orange fall foliage brings flare to the landscape. Plant near entry and patio to enjoy the fragrance. 20’ high and wide. 

Larval host for the Spring Azure butterfly.