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French hybrid lilac

Syringa vulgaris

‘Sensation’ sports bicolor blooms of purple edged in white in early to mid-spring, and fill the air with a sweet scent. Beautiful as a border shrub or a hardy hedge, the flowers are complemented by heart-shaped foliage. Grows 10-15′ tall; spreads 10-12′ in full sun to partial shade. Lilac can easily be trimmed to a shorter height. Deer tend to avoid.

‘President Lincoln’ is the best blue common lilac! Pinkish buds open to loose trusses of single, blue-lavender flowers with a strong fragrance. ‘President Lincoln’ is a fast-growing variety with erect, open branches. A popular selection since its introduction in 1916.


‘Katherine Havemeyer’ is covered in spring by large, double flowers with rose-colored buds opening to a lavender-pink, flushed with mauve. Lightly scented and great for cut flower arrangements. Mature growth is around 10-12′ tall and wide.

‘Charles Joly’  open-branched habit and bright green foliage. Gorgeous, deep wine red, double flower clusters are highly fragrant. Blooms mid-season, typically in mid-May.

‘Edward J Gardner’ produces a brilliant display of double pink flowers. Blooms a little later in spring than most other lilac varieties and grow to 10 feet tall and 6-8 feet wide.

Prune after flowering to avoid removing next season’s buds. A good choice for attracting butterflies, while not particularly attractive to deer.

Suitable for planting under power lines. Grown in full sun! Very adaptable to both dry and moist locations, and not particular about soil type or pH. Highly tolerant of urban pollution and thrives in city environments.