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Anthriscus sylvestris

Also commonly called cow parsley! Native to the Middle East, southern Russia, and the Caucasus, chervil was probably introduced to Europe by the Romans. It is indispensable in French cooking. Try fresh chervil with fish, asparagus, soups and sauces. Leaves quickly loose their flavor and should be added to a dish just before serving.

The leaves can be infused in water to use as a skin freshener.

Chervil is closely related to parsley, and grows to a height of 20” with a spread off about 8“. It’s flat, light green, lacy leaves have a slightly aniseed-like aroma and turn reddish brown as the plant matures. It blooms in mid-summer, producing flat umbellifers of tiny white flowers. Chervil thrives in cool spring weather and enjoys some shade. Pinch flowers to prolong season. This variety is extra large and slow to bolt.