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clump river birch

Betula nigra

Vigorous, fast-growing, medium-sized, native deciduous tree which occurs on floodplains, swampy bottomlands, and along streams. Can be trained as a single or multi-trunked tree. Salmon-pink to reddish-brown exfoliating bark and yellow fall color. River birch is perhaps the most culturally adaptable and heat tolerant of the birches.

‘Cully’ features salmon-cream to brownish bark which exfoliates to reveal a creamy white inner bark that can be nearly as white as the white-barked birches. It is commonly sold as Heritage river birch. According to Missouri Botanical Gardens, it was found growing in St. Louis, Missouri by Earl Cully and was issued a patent in 1979.

Larval host for Tiger Swallowtail, Mourning Cloak, Compton Tortoiseshell butterflies. Sap attracts Northern Pearly Eye.