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Lemon Drop Cherry

Solanum lycopersicum

3/4” bright yellow fruits with a sweet-tart flavor. Pretty in salads, delicious to eat! Indeterminate.

Mr. Stripey

Solanum lycopersicum

Red and yellow-striped. Mild and very low in acid. Indeterminate.

Nebraska Wedding

Solanum lycopersicum

Great Plains heirloom producing huge, globe-shaped fruits of a deep orange weigh up to 10 … Continued


Solanum lycopersicum

Large 12 oz–2 lbs fruits are firm, meaty with thick walls, few seeds and mild … Continued


Solanum lycopersicum

(FASt) Compact vines produce medium-sized, flavorful fruits. Determinate.


Solanum lycopersicum

Enormous, uniquely yellow-red striped beefsteak fruit. 5”+ meaty, mild flavor. Great yields. Indeterminate.


Solanum lycopersicum

Bright red, pear-shaped fruits with few seeds. Determinate.


Solanum lycopersicum

(VFASt) Bright red fruits with heavy walls average about 7 oz. Disease resistant. Indeterminate vines.

San Marzano

Solanum lycopersicum

Italian heirloom tomato from southern Italy. Imported cans are quite expensive–grow your own!


Solanum lycopersicum

Pink, paste-type heirloom. Full-flavored, 4–6 oz fruits have meaty flesh, lots of juice, great for … Continued

Sungold Cherry

Solanum lycopersicum

Luscious, bite-size golden-yellow fruits are thin-skinned with a juicy flesh that holds its sweet flavor.

Sweet Million

Solanum lycopersicum

(FT) High yields, super sweet, excellent disease resistance. Long chains of smooth, dark red, 1 … Continued