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Malus hybrids

A genus of about 35 species of deciduous trees and shrubs from Europe, Asia and North America. Adaptable to a wide variety of soil and light, good resistance to the main diseases of crabapples including apple scab, fire blight, rusts, leaf spot and powdery mildew. Insect pests are of lesser concern. Blooms in spring. Hardy to zone 4.

‘Indian Summer’ (pink/orange berries) 15-20’ tall and wide

‘Prairiefire’ (dark pink) 15-20’  tall and wide

‘Sargent’s (white) 6–10 ft tall and 6–12 ft wide

‘Sargent’s Tina’ (white) 5’ tall and 6’ wide

‘Sugar Tyme’ (white) 14-18’ tall and 11’–15’ wide

‘Harvest Gold’ (white with gold berries) 18-20′ tall and 15′ wide