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sweet alyssum

Lobularia maritima ‘Deep Lavender Stream’ mix

Tiny fragrant white, pink, and lavender flowers open in clusters on this low-growing annual. An excellent edger in the bed or container, it’s fine texture compliments large-leaf plants nicely. More than just ornamental, sweet alyssum is an excellent companion plant for cabbage to repel cabbage worms. Alyssum also attracts beneficial insects that devour pests like aphids. A must-have plant for beautiful containers, and a work horse in the vegetable garden.

Sweet alyssum is an excellent plant for creating predatory insect habitat in the garden. It attracts hoverflies, aphid midges and parasitic mini-wasps. This fast-growing, beneficial-attracting, weed-smothering groundcover is best used for planting amongst vegetable plants in edible beds. Numerous studies have confirmed that sweet alyssum is highly attractive to aphid-eating hoverflies.