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German bearded iris

Iris ‘Alabaster Unicorn’ (Tall bearded) SUTTON G. 96, HM 99, 36-38” ML, Ruffled white flowers; beards yellow, white horns.

‘Hoptoit’ ( Tom Burseen, R. 2003). Seedling A-225A. TB, height 36″ (91 cm), Late bloom. Standards white; style arms white, washed violet blue; fFlls white, heavy violet blue (RHS 90D) wash; beards yellow, large uplifted light violet ruffled spoon; heavily ruffled, flared; slight sweet fragrance.

Iris ‘Crackling Caldera’ (Tall bearded) (J. T. Aitken, R. 2003) TB, 33” (84 cm), ML
S. and style arms orange; F. Intense light yellow, 1/4” orange rim; beards red. Aitken 2003. HM 2005, AM 2007, Wister 2010.

Iris ‘Decker’ (Tall bearded) Jameson, M. 2001 TB – EM & RE
S. white ground, heavily marked mulberry; style arms mulberry, gold and white; F. white, heavy mulberry border, edged deeper; beards gold and mulberry.

Iris ‘Magical’ (Tall bearded) Ghio ‘08, AM 2012 TB, 37” EM
S. peach pink; F. creamy peach, deeper peach shoulders; beards light coral.

Iris ‘Prague’ (Tall bearded) JOHNSON, T. 2005, HM 07, AM 09 TB 36” M
S. medium peach, midrib infused red plum; style arms medium apricot; F. velvety, dark burgundy paling slightly toward edge, narrow rosy-mauve rim; beards dark purple tipped dark henna-brown; ruffled, lightly laced; slight spicy fragrance.

Iris ‘Silverado’ (Tall bearded) Schreiner ‘87, DYKES MEDAL 1994, TB, 38”, M, Ruffled butterfly blue; self beard.

Iris ‘Dividing Line’ (Miniature tall bearded) (Charles Bunnell, R. 2004) MTB, 22”, M
S. pale blue violet fading to blue white; style arms pale purple; F. pale purple, bisected by pale purple midline, violet spot and white haft markings; beards yellow. Miller’s Manor 2005. HM 2007, AM 2009, W-W 2011, Dykes Medal 2014

Iris ‘Performer’ (Miniature tall bearded) (Kenneth Fisher, R. 2002) MTB, 17 ½”, M
S. blue, midrib white with blue veining radiating from base; F. blue, white central area with radiating blue veining; beards yellow, small. Aitken 2003. HM 2009.

Iris ‘Matinata’ (German bearded rebloomer) Medium bloom blooms with 8-10 buds per stem, AND it reblooms! 37″ tall.

Iris ‘Orange Chariot’ (German bearded) Tangerine orange blooms and beards. 35″ tall.

Iris ‘Rimfire’ (German bearded) Dark red, velvety flowers have yellow beards tipped with red. It is well-branched and blooms are mildly ruffled. An early to midseason bloomer. 38″ tall.

Iris ‘Buckwheat’ (German bearded rebloomer) Yellow fades to white at center of standards, surrounded by yellow falls. An early variety that reblooms. 31″ tall.

Iris ‘Beverly Sills’ (German bearded) Ruffly deep pink variety has fiery red beards and well-branched stalks. A mid to late season bloomer. 38″ tall.

Plant them in a sunny spot in well-drained soil and at least six hours of sunlight per day. Break off seedpods that form after the blooms have faded and prune back foliage in fall. Dividing plants every few years.