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retusus (Chinese) Native to China, Korea and Japan. Most often seen in cultivation as a large, multi-stemmed, deciduous shrub growing to 10-20’ tall with a rounded, wide-spreading form. It also may be grown as a small tree (multi-trunked or trained as a single trunk), ultimately reaching up to 30-40’ tall. Clusters of mildly fragrant, pure white flowers with fringe-like petals bloom in late spring to early summer. Bloom appears about 2-3 weeks before that of C. virginicus. Leaves turn yellow in fall. Exfoliating gray-brown bark is attractive in winter.

virginicus Green leaves back magnificent clusters of fringe-like blooms. Slow growing to 20-25’ high and 25’ wide. A native shrub found from Virginia south to Florida and west to Texas, inhabiting moist woodlands. An underused ornamental!