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cliff cotyledon

Cotyledon pendens

Notable Traits:
Zone 10 – 11
Mature Height:
Bloom Color:
Bloom Shape:
Bloom Time:

A beautiful, rare trailing succulent native to South Africa and so named because in its natural surroundings it grows on cliff faces. Thick, chalky, grey-green, and whitish leaves have attractive reddish margins which change depending on the season, temperature, water and light intensity. During spring and summer, striking bell-shaped coral flowers hang from the ends of the branches.

An easy-to-grow plant, this wonderful succulent does well in containers as a houseplant. Plants need ample sunlight but without direct sunlight which can cause foliage to burn. Like all the other succulents, be careful of overwatering. Water when soil is dry to the touch and stop watering during winter dormancy.