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Vinland Valley Nursery sells fine quality plants that are guaranteed at retail price to perform when planted and cared for to our specifications.

Common reasons for plant failure are inadequate watering and planting too deeply.

Before planting trees and shrubs, it is advisable to test the area for proper drainage by filling a test hole with water and observing drainage. Areas with standing water will need special planting or suitable plant material.

Contact us at the first sign of trouble so we can identify the problem before it’s too late! Failure to contact us will render the guarantee null and void.

Our sincerest desire is for you to enjoy success. Our guarantee is offered for one year from purchase date with a one time credit on the original purchase price of trees and shrubs.

The customer must provide a cash register receipt (no credit card receipts please) and the deceased or damaged plant. Installation and delivery are not part of the guarantee credit.

Vinland Valley Nursery does not guarantee perennials, herbs, tropicals, vegetable starts, or annuals.