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Wire hanging basket with cocoa liner

Garden Shop

Create a beautiful hanging basket using a wire-hanging basket with coco liner.  Available in 16" and 20" diameters. Standard Features

    • Coco liners are made with natural environment-friendly coconut fibers.
    • These coconut fibers are woven into round durable liners.
    • Wire cage is made with a weather-treated coating.
    • Round bottom Coco includes features green frame and 15" long wire hanger.

Akro Mills Classic Plastic Pots & Saucers

Garden Shop

Look like real clay, but with lightweight, durable, and chip-proof plastic. An assortment of shapes and sizes available, including saucers.

Plastic hanging basket with wire hanger

Garden Shop

Green plastic bowls with attached saucer hold annuals, tropicals, and succulents. 10" diameter.

Nursery Containers

Garden Shop

Easily maneuver plants with the handy lip and rigid handle on these large, plastic nursery pots. Use for container veggies, berry bushes, tropicals and herbs to save your back from weeding and other maintenance. Available in several sizes up to #25 gal.

Cocoa Fiber Wire Container Liners

Garden Shop

Cocoa fiber lends a natural look to hanging baskets without the fuss of long fiber sphagnum moss. Keeps soil in place and retains moisture for healthy plant roots. Assorted diameters.

Mosser Lee Sphagnum Moss

Garden Shop

Sphagnum Moss can be used anywhere in your garden. Use it to line hanging baskets, grow plants without soil or as a decoration. The organic moss retains moisture so you can water less. Some grass, sticks and vines may be mingled with the moss which do not effect the product's quality and performance.

  • Organic, long-fibered natural moss
  • Use to line hanging baskets or grow plants without soil
  • Also suitable for decoration
  • High water retention for less watering

Seed starting inserts, trays and domes

Garden Shop

Inserts break into 24 individual cells and fit perfectly into our bottom tray, which acts as a water catcher and carrying unit. Bottom trays, humidity domes, and inserts fit together for the best possible start for your garden seeds! Reusable!