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Lantana camara

The quintessential southern plant, rewarding high temperatures with copious flowering. ‘Irene’ has unusual yellow, pink and lavender flowers with magenta eyes make interesting combinations with all sorts of other flowers possible, as they bridge contrasting hues so well. Attracts a wide range of butterflies and hummingbirds.

‘Bandana Red’ striking yellow, orange and red multi-color blooms make interesting combinations with all sorts of other flowers, bridging contrasting hues well. Great for containers and beds.

‘Samantha’ has composite yellow flowers with gorgeous green and soft yellow variegated and scented foliage.  This cultivar has a trailing habit.

‘Confetti’ has compound blooms in varied shades of pink with a hint of orange at the center over scented green foliage with mounding habit. Heat tolerant plants make great hanging baskets, containers and bedding gardens and draw many species of butterflies. Great heat-loving summertime annual!