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SAVE THE DATE Meet the Butterfly Lady

SPECIAL discounts all weekend on pottery, hanging baskets and more.

Bring your questions about creating an ideal pollinator and butterfly garden to the nursery on Saturday between 10am and 2pm and get advice from an expert.

• Free handouts about butterfly gardening, including a list of host plants matched to relevant species of butterfly

• purchase YOUR COPY OF “A Photographic Field Guide to the Butterflies in the Kansas City Region” by Betsy Betros

Build a better garden by learning:

• HOW to make your pollinator garden a true butterfly garden

• WHICH flowers are useful to butterflies

• WHY planting more flowers usually won’t increase the number of butterflies in your yard

• The importance of “right place, right plant”

Lenora Larson is a Marais des Cygnes Extension Master Gardener and member of local chapters of both the Idalia Butterfly Society and Kansas Native Plant Society. Lenora is a proud ‘science geek’ with a degree in microbiology from Michigan State University, a career in molecular biology and a life-long interest in wildlife, especially the creepy and crawly. She maintains a 2 acre NABA (North American Butterfly Association) certified garden in the English Estate landscape style on her 27 acre property, Long Lips Farm, in rural Paola, Kansas. The garden is also certified as Monarch Waystation #875, a Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation and as a Pollinator Garden by the Xerces Society.

Lenora writes about butterflies for several publications and is a frequent enthusiastic presenter to gardening and nature groups. She is on a mission to demonstrate to other gardeners that you do not have to compromise on beauty and function when you invite wildlife to share your garden.