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Bella Rosa

Solanum lycopersicum

(VFFAStTSWV) Large, bright red tomatoes. Good acid/sugar balance.

Better Boy

Solanum lycopersicum

(VFNASt) Red midseason fruit, plump, juicy, often weighing in at more than 1 lb. Disease … Continued


Borago officinalis

Big fuzzy plant bears uncommonly true-blue flowers which are prized for garnishes and salads from … Continued


Solanum lycopersicum

(VFFNTASt) Medium-sized globe-shaped fruits are crack-resistant and average 7 oz. Semi-determinate.


Solanum lycopersicum

(VNTSWV) Compact plant with heavy yields of firm, bright red, tasty 10-12 oz fruits. Unbeatable … Continued


Solanum lycopersicum

(VFFNASt) Earlier than Jet Star and with better disease resistance. Juicy 8 oz fruits, huge … Continued

Lemon Boy

Solanum lycopersicum

Lemon-yellow 6–7 oz fruits 3 1/2” across. Mild flavored, adds inviting color to salads. Indeterminate.

Park’s Whopper Improved

Solanum lycopersicum

(VFFNT) Red 4” fruits, improved disease & crack resistance and uniform fruit size. Indeterminate.

Peron Sprayless

Solanum lycopersicum

Great for beginners. Fruits contain up to 2 1/2 x ususal Vitamin C.


Solanum lycopersicum

(VFASt) Bright red fruits with heavy walls average about 7 oz. Disease resistant. Indeterminate vines.

Valley Girl

Solanum lycopersicum

Flavorful, medium-sized 7–8 oz crack resistant fruits. Sets fruit despite temperature stress. Indeterminate.