1606 N 600 Rd, Baldwin City, 66006

Plant Type

Chocolate Cherry

Solanum lycopersicum

Indeterminate vines covered with clusters of sweet 1” fruits, dark red with rich chocolate shading. … Continued

Indigo Rose

Solanum lycopersicum

Darkest cherry, exceptionally high in anti-oxidants. Ripens to a rich purple-red. Resistant to fungus and … Continued

Lemon Drop Cherry

Solanum lycopersicum

3/4” bright yellow fruits with a sweet-tart flavor. Pretty in salads, delicious to eat! Indeterminate.

Sungold Cherry

Solanum lycopersicum

Luscious, bite-size golden-yellow fruits are thin-skinned with a juicy flesh that holds its sweet flavor.

Sweet Million

Solanum lycopersicum

(FT) High yields, super sweet, excellent disease resistance. Long chains of smooth, dark red, 1 … Continued

Tommy Toe

Solanum lycopersicum

An heirloom from the Ozark Mountains. 1/2 to 1” fruits have a mild flavor. Resists … Continued