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creeping stonecrop

Sedum species

kamtschaticum var. middendorffianum ‘Variegated’ Narrow green toothed leaves on plants growing just 8-12″ tall and topped with yellow flowers in mid summer.

reflexum ‘Angelina’ Thin, spiny golden-yellow foliage radiates around central stem and is tinged russet orange at ends in cooler weather. Makes a great cascading foliage in containers and along wall edges. Nice color contrast.

reflexum ‘Blue Spruce’ Thin, spiny blue foliage radiates around central stem cascades over container sides and along wall edges.

sexangulare (watchchain stonecrop) 4″ mat of very fine green foliage is covered with yellow flowers in mid summer.

spurium ‘John Creech’ Dwarf selection from China has blue-green overlapping leaves that form 4″ tall mats covered with pink flowers.

spurium ‘Voodoo’ Darkest red fall and winter foliage with blood red flowers in summer. Plants grow up to 6″ tall, and this cultivar is an improved spurium taking the place of ‘Dragon’s Blood’. Native to Armenia and northern Iran.

seiboldii is native to Japan. Low-growing, trailing deciduous perennial produces round bluish leaves in whorls of three around the delicate stems.