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rocky mountain juniper

Juniperus scopulorum

‘Skyrocket’ is a narrow, columnar form that makes an excellent choice for accent or planting for small landscape. Durable and versatile. Grows 15–20’ tall and 2–3’ wide.

‘Welchii’ has a dense branching habit and needs little pruning to maintain its shape. It has silvery new growth that matures to a blue-green. Grows 10-12′ high and 3′-4′ wide.

‘Wichita Blue’ Pyramidal form great for screens and hedges. This male form does not produce berries. Silver blue foliage retains blue color all year. Matures to 10–15’ tall and 4–6’ wide.

‘Moonglow’ is a broadly pyramidal, upright juniper. Its dense, compact branching habit displays intense silver-blue foliage. A very attractive addition to the landscape. Grows 12-20′ tall and 5-10′ wide.

These tough plants have a dense branching that resists grazing by deer.