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blanket flower

Gaillardia aristata

Gaillardia aristata ‘Arizona Apricot’ grows 8 to 10″ tall, 10 to 12″ wide with continuous color for sunny borders and beds. Bunches of large, fiery orange flowers are edged in a blaze of yellow that softens as flowers age. Lovely in cut bouquets, and if left to seed, the spent flower heads attract goldfinches.

Gaillardia aristata ‘Goblin’ grows 12 to 18″ high stems hold red blooms surrounded by a ring of rich flame yellow.

Gaillardia aristata ‘Oranges and Lemons’ (blanket flower) features daisy-like flowers of yellow and orange in summer. Adaptable to many soils, and an excellent butterfly garden plant.

Gaillardia ‘Mesa Peach’ is a long-blooming peachy-golden flowering blanket flower with excellent drought resistance and compact habit.

Blanket flowers are one of the longest-blooming native perennials, well suited to hot sunny sites. Soft-yellow daisy petals with a scarlet eye, surrounding a deep burgundy-red button center. Removing faded flowers will greatly extend the blooming season. NATIVE TO WESTERN AND NORTHERN NORTH AMERICA.