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New garden seed for spring 2018 // all packs $1.79

We are excited to offer vegetable, herb and flower seed packs this spring from Bentley Seed Company, a privately held, family owned company located in upstate New York offering high quality, non-GMO, heirloom, open-pollinated, fresh crop seed that ranks above federal germination standards.

Bentley Seed Co. has taken the Council for Responsible Genetics’ Safe Seed Pledge to preserve the integrity of the world’s seed supply. The Council for Responsible Genetics was founded in 1983, and is comprised of scientists, lawyers, public health advocates and citizens concerned about the social, ethical and environmental impact of new genetic technologies.


Bean-Golden Wax
Bean-Henderson’s Bush Lima
Bean-Kentucky Wonder (Green Pole)
Bean-Provider (Green Bush)
Beet-Detroit Dark Red
Broccoli-Green Sprouting Calabrese
Cantaloupe-Hale’s Best Jumbo
Carrot-Danvers 126 Half Long
Corn-Golden Bantam 8 Row
Cucumber-Boston Pickling
Cucumber-Marketmore 76
Eggplant-Black Beauty
Lettuce-Paris Island Cos Romaine
Lettuce-Red Salad Bowl
Lettuce-Simpson’s Curled
Okra-Clemson Spineless Onion-Evergreen Bunching
Onion-Red Danvers
Pea-Little Marvel
Pea-Oregon Sugar Pod II
Pepper-California Wonder Pepper (Sweet)
Pepper-Cayenne Long Red Thin (Hot)
Pepper-Jalapeno (Hot)
Pumpkin-Jack O’ Lantern
Radish-Cherry Belle
Squash-Acorn Table Queen
Squash-Buttercup Burgess
Squash-Butternut Waltham
Squash-Early Summer Crookneck
Squash-Zucchini Black Beauty
Swiss Chard-Fordhook Giant
Tomato-Ace 55
Tomato-Large Red Cherry
Turnip-Purple Top Globe
Watermelon-Sugar Baby


Basil-Genovese (Sweet)
Chives Coriander-Slow Bolting
Dill-Mammoth Long Island
Parsley-Moss Curled
Parsley-Plain Italian


Alyssum-Carpet of Snow-Lobularia maritima
Aster Crego-Mixed Colors-Callistephus chinensis
Bachelor’s Button-Mixed-Centaurea cyanus
Bee Feed Mix-Wildflowers
Black Eyed Susan-Rudbeckia hirta
Calendula-Pacific Beauty Mixed Colors-Calendula officinalis
Coreopsis-Dwarf Plains-Coreopsis tinctoria
Cosmos Sensation-Mixed Colors-Cosmos bipinnatus
Forget Me Not-Firmament-Cynoglossum amabile
Foxglove-Digitalis purpurea
Hollyhock-Chater’s Double Mixed-Alcea rosea
Lupine-Blue-Lupinus perennis
Marigold-Crackerjack Mixed-Tagetes erecta
Marigold-Dwarf French Mixed-Tagetes patula
Painted Daisy-Chrysanthemum carinatum
Poppy-Shirley Mixed Colors-Papaver rhoeas
Portulaca-Mixed Colors-Portulaca grandiflora
Purple Coneflower-Echinacea purpurea
Shasta Daisy-Chrysanthemum maximum
Sunflower-Mammoth-Helianthus annuus
Sweet Peas-Royal Family Mixed Colors-Lathyrus odoratus
Sweet William-Tall Single Mix-Dianthus barbatus
Zinnia-California Giant Mixed-Zinnia elegans
Zinnia-Lilliput Mixed Colors-Zinnia elegans